Binge Binge Binge

I have always had a bit of an addictive personality it’s not something I’ve really given too much thought about if I’m honest but I get stuck on an idea or even a thing and it too quickly becomes all consuming.

Whether that be reading where I would start a book and not be happy until I had completed it and then have a sense of dread as I’d have nothing to read immediately after, I would have a new book ready but it wasn’t that book which I’d just enjoyed so much. Instant regret would then follow, why hadn’t I limited myself to a few pages at a time, a chapter a day perhaps then I could have stretched out the enjoyment?

Reading has been replaced these days by TV, always too tired to reach for the written words but of course just an excuse used by myself, if I tell myself I’m too tired to read I’ll believe it but actually I’ve just fallen out of love with it. Over indulged in the good reads and now stuck for the next fix.

TV has replaced this old love but with the same over indulgence reading once had, I find a new show I enjoy and am not happy until I’ve binge watched the whole series and then once again have that sense of instant regret….was there any need to watch all 13 episodes in a week and now be left channel hopping for another fix to fill this gap?

Of course not.

It’s the same when I open that bottle of Prosecco on a Friday night alone (or on a weekday with my sister), one glass would be sufficient, I’ve got to get up early the next day but it goes down too well and before I know it I’m pouring the final glass.

If I get into a mood I pull out all the cupboards and sort through them, bags of rubbish disappear and a mass declutter happens. Don’t get me wrong I’m not OCD about cleaning at all…….the complete opposite in fact but when I do get a good run I can whizz though at an amazing rate sorting through the bathroom cabinets in a rage because I couldn’t find the razor or bubble bath I was looking for. Clothes will be sorted and the kids rooms usually take the full brunt of this tidying purge.

There just seems to be no inbetween with me at times…its all or nothing.

Binge Binge Binge


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10 thoughts on “Binge Binge Binge

  1. I am having a binge on reading at the moment on an evening. I am trying to cut back on the screen time on an evening, but saying that I binge TV when I am working and creating!

  2. I’m exactly the same. It’s all or nothing. I have to be careful with my dpd when I suddenly start binging with things as it’s easy to get addicted and dependant on things. Finding the balance would be ideal though

  3. I am the same! I love reading but it comes as and when I can read 10 books in a week then nothing for months on end. I tend to read more in the winter. I don’t watch TV and generally don’t drink but then when I do eventually go out I end up being the last one ready to go home. Gareth loves me being in a temper tantrum because I blitz the house so its immaculate!

  4. Sounds really hard at times.!i get the book thing but usually I’m too tired to carry on reading I do get that no book is as good as the one I just read thing though.
    Sounds like you could use some helpful advice on dealing with this perhaps? If it upsets you of course. I think an all or nothing personality can be quite hard to deal with at times xx

  5. I’ve never been that much into television but i always have to read every evening and once i get into a good book can read into the wee small hours and then find it hard to get up for work the next day!

  6. I also have this problem with chocolate , puddings , curries and various tasty items of food 😋😂😂

  7. When we first got Netflix we binged watched a few series a week. We got it at the right time when there was not much on TV. Now we are waiting for the new series to come out in Autumn

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