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Hello there

You’ll most likely have found this quiet little haven via my other blog www.emmysmummy.com, which was coincidently started 6 years ago this week.

Something started as somewhere to share daily life with my young daughter with the plan to make into a printed book for her to read when she was older. Never in a million years did I think I’d still be writing it 6 years later nor did I plan for it to be my sole source of income and turn into a well paid job.

I’m so very glad it did and it’s opened up some huge doors for us as a family, we’ve experienced events and activities money couldn’t buy and we certainly couldn’t have afforded otherwise.

Via blogging I have made some amazing friends and also worked with pretty awesome companies. It’s certainly never boring that’s for sure, well rarely anyway…that old working for exposure line can get pretty dull but I’ve become thick skinned to those requests and delete is a good friend of mine now.

Anyway, as Emmy’s Mummy has been running for so long it’s changed focus over the years, this isn’t a bad thing and I’ll continue writing over there just as often as I’ve always done but I now wanted a little space of my own, away from the charity campaigns, reviews and sponsored posts. Also focusing less on the kids…..they will of course feature here but won’t be my sole focus…..this is my space.

A place to brain dump, to clear my head of all the musing running around there.

I’m Clare, wife to one, Mummy to two, a former Nanny but that’s not all I am. I am still me, I’m still here under the very many job roles trying to find my own voice again.

This Mummy may not always be right (don’t tell the kids or my husband) but I can always write!

P.S you’ll notice all the social media handles etc. are linked to my other site because….well who actually has the time to run those seperately? Certainly not me!

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8 thoughts on “A little place away from the chaos

  1. This is great Clare, it’s important to have a space for your voice and as mothers we are always so much more than just one aspect of our roles. Good luck with the new website and I’ll be reading along with interest.

  2. Aww Clare good for you. I feel exactly the same about my blog, but I’m too daunted to think about starting to build up another blog. I cannot believe how big our blogs got, and how lucky we are to have that as a source of income. Good luck with this new venture x

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