A love of swimming: Win a £75 Simply Swim voucher – Giveaway

There is nothing my children love more than swimming, especially a free swim. By that I don’t mean one we haven’t paid for but one where they can do what they want, so not a swimming lesson but a family swim. They love jumping and diving into the water, diving down to the bottom ofRead more

Egg Donation Friends – support for Egg Donation Patients

I’ve not written about my experience of recurrent miscarriage on this blog yet but it is a topic I have covered many times on my other site, prior to having Emmy I suffered 3 early miscarriages and then between Emmy and Harry I had another 2. These were heartbreaking, devastating and almost broke me. I wasRead more

Decorating your bathroom on a budget

“Collaborative post” The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in our house and I am sure it’s the same in your household too, and as such, it takes much more of the brunt of daily wear and tear that comes with everyday life. Its also the one I find myself cleaning the most, afterRead more

5 places to visit with kids in Bali

things to do in Bali with kids

While searching for summer holidays for next year, one of the places I fell in love with is Bali, it’s not surprising really with its warm weather and golden beaches and of course the picture-perfect views, what isn’t to love. Of course, we have the children to consider wherever we decide to go to oneRead more

How to make Christmas Wrapping Paper Slime

**Post contains affiliate links** If your kids are anything like mine then they will have slime on their Christmas lists. Emmy is obsessed with the stuff – she plays with it, watches others playing with it on YouTube, makes her own and even watches others making it again on YouTube. Recently she reviewed the Poopsie UnicornRead more

Today, Mummy lost it

Today, Mummy lost it

Dear Emily and Harry, I hope you’re having a good day at school. You’ll be reading, painting a picture, wowing everyone with your number skills … In a few hours time, you’ll come running out of your classrooms with smiles and stories of your day. You won’t remember the chaos of the morning or theRead more