Where are the school shoes today?

Just how many pairs of shoes we need for 4 people is crazy – I honestly thought I had a lot of shoes before kids but they have far more, Welly boots, trainers, plimsolls, school shoes, boots, party shoes, more wellies for school, school trainers, spare just because they match that party dress or just because they look like crocodile shoes and of course slippers, beach shoes, flip flops and sandals.

Upon walking into my house I have two large hampers which are for our shoes. One is for Pauls and mine and the other for the kids.

It is placed by the door so that when we walk into the house the shoes are removed and put into the basket so that:

  1. Mud and dirt isn’t walked through the house
  2. The house stays tidier
  3. We can find them again when they are needed

So why is it that I can never find the kid’s school shoes before we need to leave for school?

It’s like mission impossible every morning searching in all the places they could be, and of course, they are never where they actually should be!

Just this term alone I have found the kids shoes in these places around the house – and not always together in a pair, no that would be far too easy to kick them off in the same room wouldn’t it.

School shoe locations this term

  • In the bedroom – meaning they’ve walked all the way through the house wearing their shoes, up the stairs and into their rooms
  • In the front room
  • In the kitchen
  • Behind the toilet in the shower room
  • In the shower
  • Under the sofa
  • Under the trampoline in the garden – found in the morning after it had been raining all night
  • Under the fridge
  • In the bath
  • In the washing machine
  • In the washing basket – OK it was missed in the washing basket and then found in the washing machine
  • Attached to a sock inside yesterdays trousers in the bathroom
  • In the clean clothes pile
  • In the kitchen sink – I have absolutely no idea how and no one has owned up
  • Under a pile of coats

I think they have actually made it into the shoe basket only around 5 times unless I scoop them up and tidy them away.

Left to their own devices I swear the kids do everything in their power to lose them in the hopes that they can have a day off of school – that is never going to happen however so I just wish they would stop trying to hide them and make my life in the mornings just a little easier!

Please tell me I’m not alone with this morning frustration.

Where have you found the kid’s shoes hiding?

4 thoughts on “Where are the school shoes today?

  1. It is amazing how many pairs of shoes build up with the Kids needing several pairs for school, play, the wet, the snow, the beach … I need an extension just for shoes lol!

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