Which Wood Floors are Hardest to Scratch?

When fitting a new floor into your home there are always things we want to know, such as: price, aesthetic and endurance.  The first two are pretty obvious and require no more action than Googling the product to see what it costs and looks like, but determining the durability of a wood floor can be a little more tricky.

The deciding factor is pretty easy to work out.  You simply have to find out which wood is the hardest then the best way of treating or coating that wood to ensure it gets the best lifespan, high traffic areas will need a good quality flooring so perhaps you may like to think about solid oak flooring for your kitchen, which of course can be easily swept and washed down as needed as long as it’s treated.

Floor type

The three different types of wood floors are laminate, solid and engineered.  Laminate is the easiest to scratch and not recommended if you have animals or a tendency to move furniture around often.  Engineered is slightly better than laminate, but as it’s made up from lots of pressed layers of wood it cannot be sanded down and re-varnished if it does get scratched.

There are some kinds of engineered parquet flooring that will be harder than any other, and they’re still a really viable option, especially if you don’t have pets. A good way to overcome the problem of scratches in places you think they may happen is to simply use rugs and throws to cover the space and give a bit more protection. This leaves Solid wood flooring as the best option.  While there may be engineered wood flooring that’s harder than wood flooring, no surface is completely scratch proof, and it can’t be sanded down once scratched.  You can also get skirting boards to make your flooring type to pull the whole look together.

The hardest solid wood floors

Most of the hardest wood floors are from Brazilian trees.  The Brazilian walnut, teak and cherry trees come in the top four based on the Janka Rating, which is an international measurement that measures their hardness. Even though they’re tough, you can still apply finish to these woods to ensure they’re even tougher. Applying the hardest finish possible, followed by regular cleaning the floors with the right products will ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

Covering Up

If you have pets and you’re wondering how to completely remove the chance of getting scratched floors, it’s bad news whatever you pick, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.  Any rug or throws you can put over areas where dogs are likely to be running will stop scratches happening, and if the dog runs around in a particular part of the house often, it may be worth reconsidering the flooring options for that room.

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