The Do’s And Don’ts Of Buying New Born Baby Gifts

As you possibly know, buying baby gifts for moms-to-be can be a pretty challenging experience. If you have been invited to a baby shower, or you’re planning on visiting the new born bundle of joy soon, chances are, you won’t want to visit empty handed. So, we’ve compiled a list of gifts new mothers absolutely love to receive to make the entire shopping process much easier for you.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of buying baby gifts, or choosing a registry for friends and family to choose gifts from.

  • New mothers should not register for things they would not spend their own cash on. Just because friends and family are spending their money doesn’t mean that you have to pick the most expensive of each range.
  • Avoid registering for clothes, since most people will buy baby clothes for you.
  • Baby comforter sets tend to be a waste of money and usually unnecessary. In fact, the crib bumper may well be a suffocation hazard and the baby won’t be able to use the comforter. What’s more, you usually can’t see the skirt as the crib style covers it. It’s all just a waste.
  • The wipe warmer, bottle warmer, and a bunch of other warmers are also just a waste of counter space that the new mom may need. These items may sound like great gifts, but they usually don’t get used.

  • Mothers and babies do not need a bouncer, an infant seat, and a swing. Overall, a portable swing will cover all the basis. Moms need something that they can move easily from room to room and that will fold up if they want to travel with it. Be sure to check out baby gifts by Baby Gift Box for some great ideas!
  • Car seats and strollers are pretty tough. Combo versions offer great savings, but you may want to check with mom first and find out what she wants for hew new baby before buying these big items.
  • No matter whether the new parents have a lot of space or not, space saver high chairs are a great option for any home and new born baby. They tend to be far more compact and easier to store when the little one becomes a toddler, and they also work really well as a booster seat.
  • Definitely consider baby essentials as gifts. These are things all new moms are definitely going to need, such as diapers, wipes, formula, and baby detergent. Of course, formula may be debatable if you don’t yet know what brand will work best for the baby, so you may want to discuss this with the mom first.

Overall, it is important to consider what the new parents and their new little bundle will really need and get the most use out of. And, if you are the parent-to-be, try to avoid registering for everything the store wants you to. It boils down to common sense!

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