What’s on my desk?

As you know I work from home so currently, my office is my front room, my kitchen or at times like today when my heating isn’t working and its freezing then it’s my bed snuggled up under the covers with the laptop resting on pillows in front of me.

The strange thing is we do actually have a spare room which we plan to turn into a home office and in the meantime, there is a desk set up in my front room but I never use it. There is also a desk in Emmy’s bedroom I could use and also a huge study desk in Harry’s room which I could also use but again I don’t.

Furniture At Work got in touch and wanted me to tell you about my desk, the special things I have on it etc, this is a tad tricky as I don’t use one. I don’t find I am as productive sitting at a desk strangely, this may be because I have never worked at a desk other than at school or in college. Working in Nurseries and Schools I was on the floor with the kids playing or setting up activities on the tables and then during my Nannying years, I worked in their houses, playing in the playrooms, taking the kids to their activities and friends houses, crafting and cooking in the kitchen.

Sitting behind a desk to me feels so alien that I just don’t get much done at all, I fidget, can’t get comfy and then find I have to get up and do other jobs making my work take even longer.

I do however have things which I do have to have with me while I’m working, these are usually placed on the footstool in front of me or next to me within reach.

I have a bottle of water as I am trying to increase my water intake at the moment and it saves me reaching for the coffee, a notepad and pen – I’ve so many to do lists that I need to cross things off all the time, or just rewrite them so the lists look like they are finally getting smaller (I have been known to add things to these lists just to cross straight off and pretend I have been productive – I’m sure I can’t be alone here!) I have my mobile phone and tablet with me too so I can multi-task or just procrastinate, usually my purse for when I find myself procrastinating over to online shopping and of course there’s usually a snack or two dotted around as well. I also usually have the TV remote close by and either have the TV on for background noise or the radio playing.

Next year I hope to finally have our home office set up in the spare room as I really do need somewhere for the paperwork and boxes, whether or not I do actually find myself using that desk remains to be seen though – you never know, actually having a room away from household distraction may actually be a good thing after all.

What’s on your desk at work?

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6 thoughts on “What’s on my desk?

  1. When in paid employment I have never had a personal desk of my own. Due to place /s, type /s of workplace /s and type of work done / necessary. Have had either communal desk in office, and / or at a reception area.

    Desk has had a telephone (landline). Sometimes a computer. Usually the necessities for the workplace and work required. We had our own pens carried on us in uniform pocket. As if left down :- Often acquired. As lots of paperwork / writing, part of the job (communication.)

    Sometimes we think on our feet / on the job. So sitting down at a desk may not be ideal. Though important that we consider good posture, joint care, etc.

    Best Wishes with your writing tasks.

  2. I don’t even have a desk! I prefer the comfort of my bed or my sofa to sit and write on my blog. I think I’d feel too official being sat at a desk and it would de-motivate me 🙂

  3. We have a ‘clear desk’ policy at work, which is a shame as neutralises everyone’s personalities a bit! I used to love working in an office where everyone has pictures and their knick-knacks everywhere. Now it’s a bit of a neutral grey-zone!

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