Parenting Ain’t Easy – It’s Not Cheap Either!

Being a parent is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. But that doesn’t make it amazing 24-7. We all know it’s tough. You go from sleepless nights to tantrums to the teenage years and it all passes you by in a complete and utter blur. Sometimes you want to laugh, sometimes you want to cry. Most of the time, it’s a mix of both. Because parents have their moments. But, it’s something that you wouldn’t change for the world. Not at all. So we just get on with it. We learn to navigate the woes of family life and share them with the wins. Of which there are many – of both. Yet, something that can often have a huge impact on you as both a parent and a family, is money.

Money, money, money! It makes the world go round. It’s the route of all evil. Yes and yes – but it’s necessary. So, you have to learn to live with it and deal with it. Because parenting just isn’t cheap. But to help you, let’s take a look at how you can make it work.

Budgeting Is Your Best Friend

First of all, you’re going to want to get into budget if you’re not doing it already. And budgeting can be fun. It’s not something you force yourself to do when you’re broke, it’s just a way of having more visibility and better control over your money. SO make sure that your family has one. That way, you’ll know when you need to look for cheap car insurance and when to bring down your grocery bill.

Say No

Now, this is going to be the one that you may find really hard. But, it needn’t be. If you know that your kids are asking for the earth and you are giving it to them, you need to control that before you go bankrupt! And if you know that you’re in a bad situation, it’s the best incentive ever to just pull in those reigns a little. And you might have to say no to yourself too. To overspending and to stop impulse buying too!


And then you need to save. You need to make sure that you’re putting money aside and that you’ve got something to fall back on. It’s nice to know that there’s money in the bank if you need it for an emergency. Or even a rainy day!

Get Your Business Head On

And then finally, it might work for you to get a bit more business minded. Because if you aren’t making enough money as a household, you can change that in any free time that you can find. Right now, there are SO many business ideas for mothers. You can work from home and earn your own income so that your bills don’t have to be so daunting and that life isn’t so expensive. It’s just going to be something that you’re willing to work on.

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4 thoughts on “Parenting Ain’t Easy – It’s Not Cheap Either!

  1. Couldn’t have put it better myself – there’s always challenges but there’s always a way to solve them too

  2. How refreshing. Most parenting posts are about the practical and emotional challenges – and joys -so it is good to read about the financial challenges – and solutions – for a change.

  3. Definitely expensive but also fantastic for kids to experience different things. One month we might be more careful to save up for a treat day another month so kids don’t take for granted and also appreciate

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