Garden Goals For The Sporting Family: What DON’T You Want In Your Outside Space?

Every parent wants their kids to get involved in sports. The benefits are numerous and include everything from health to teamwork. You could say that even casual games with mates can provide lessons for life. The trouble is that the moment they bring a football home, you face all manner of problems.

Any parent in their right mind will make the house a ball-free zone. Within seconds, precious ornaments will end up in pieces on the floor. It makes sense, then, to send the kids out to the garden the moment they get into sports of any kind. The trouble is that the majority of family gardens also run the risk of getting ruined. As far as your children are concerned, after all, anything outside will be fair game.

Of course, dissuading them from playing is the absolute last thing you want to do. With the number of cars on our roads nowadays, turfing them out onto the street isn’t an option, either. As such, you may soon find yourself facing a sport-proof garden makeover. To keep your sanity intact, keep reading to find out what you might not want in your repurposed outside space.


Flower beds can bring any garden to life, but they’re the first thing which needs to go when balls get involved. Within weeks, flower displays will end up in a headless mess. That’s because you’ll have no way to keep these a football-free zone. To save yourself stress, you may find that you’re better having a lawn-only garden. You can still incorporate potted plants and flowers as they’re easy to move when a game gets underway. Still, you’ll thank yourself for steering clear of full-blown flower beds.


If you have a lawn outside, it’s sure to get scuffed up and ruined in no time. If your kids play out enough, you can bet there won’t even be much actual grass left to speak of. As such, you might want to consider alternatives. Your best bet here would probably be to opt for artificial options. As can be seen from this article on the pros and cons of artificial grass, something like this has the benefit of not getting dug up or destroyed. That frees your kids to play football until their heart’s content without compromising the appearance of your lawn.

Boundary breaches

It’s also well worth suring up your garden boundaries before letting your children loose. Something as simple as a hedge instead of a fence could lead to all manner of problems for you and your neighbours. That’s because your kids will lose their ball to next door all the time. And, that’s going to make neighbourly relations strained in no time. The same goes for a fence with holes in it. Make sure it doesn’t happen by securing your foundations as soon as possible. Lay a fence behind your hedges, or repair any broken panels. Then, your kids will be able to play sport all day without doing the slightest damage.

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