Outdoor Summer Days are best spent outdoors

Nowadays, it seems like all kids have a smartphone or tablet in their hands to keep them entertained for hours on end. Prior to these devices existing, kids would still get bored. However, the difference is that they’d find creative ways to have fun. This is an experience that all children should be involved in, especiallyRead more

Where do I work & dreaming of a home office

Where do I work

When I first started blogging, I would do it solely in the evenings when Emmy was asleep as she had a habit of grabbing the laptop, wildly pressing at buttons and one more than one occasion the laptop tumbled to the floor – thankfully bouncing instead of smashing but a lesson almost learnt the hardRead more

You know it’s summer holidays when you find yourself saying….

  We have been on Summer holidays here for almost 3 weeks now. As always I posted to social media saying just how excited I was to have the kids home now for 6 whole weeks (7 in Harry’s case) and of course at the time I genuinely mean every word of it….AT THE TIME!Read more