Mummy Bark – Halloween Recipe

**Post contains affiliate links** With Halloween just around the corner you may be wondering what you could hand out to those trick or treaters instead of the usual bag of Haribo sweets. This Mummy Bark is quick and easy to make and looks great too – whether you are having a party at home orRead more

Rosemary Mushroom Pork Chops Recipe

The weather has certainly turned and I have had to grab a coat on the School run on more than one occasion this week. The heating, however, won’t be going on just yet but I have treated us all to new PJ’s, Slippers and warm fluffy Dressing Gowns to pop on when we get homeRead more

Do you have Guilty Pleasures? – here’s mine #mummysguiltypleasures

Motherhood – it’s blooming hard isn’t it? There’s no off switch, even when Paul and I went away child free for my birthday at the end of the year I still had to get the kids up, dressed, fed and sort all their clothes and childcare arrangements and then found myself messaging to make sureRead more

Strange things to happen when eating out with kids

Heading out to eat with kids in tow can often cause headaches for us parents. There are lots of things we need to consider and careful planning is often needed when eating out with kids. We worry they won’t sit still so we pre-plan and prepare, packing colouring, small toys and distractions should they beRead more

Parenting: The Baby Years V’s The Toddler Years

The baby years v's the toddler years

As new parents we find ourselves rushing our children to progress to that next step or milestone. We clap our hands and urge them to crawl towards us, moving toys out of reach to encourage them to move. We repeat words over and over, slowly and careful waiting and willing them to speak. Hands areRead more

You know it’s summer holidays when you find yourself saying….

  We have been on Summer holidays here for almost 3 weeks now. As always I posted to social media saying just how excited I was to have the kids home now for 6 whole weeks (7 in Harry’s case) and of course at the time I genuinely mean every word of it….AT THE TIME!Read more

13 reasons why – after thoughts

13 reasons why

I recently wrote about how I was binge watching TV and about the shows I was currently watching on Netflix, well one of those shows has just finished and it’s left me feeling rather emotional to say the least. 13 Reasons Why? is a series which follows the life events leading up to a teenRead more

Sharing too much on social media?

protecting our children online

When I started blogging Emmy was only 18 months old and it was an easy way to share our activities with family who are dotted all over the country and even the world. Now she is 7 and a half I have become more conscious of what I share about the children and where thatRead more