Do you have Guilty Pleasures? – here’s mine #mummysguiltypleasures

Motherhood – it’s blooming hard isn’t it?

There’s no off switch, even when Paul and I went away child free for my birthday at the end of the year I still had to get the kids up, dressed, fed and sort all their clothes and childcare arrangements and then found myself messaging to make sure they were OK while away – even though they were with my best friend and I knew they were fine – I just like to at least say goodnight and good morning.

They don’t sleep, are up at the crack of dawn and currently are always ill.

BUT I wouldn’t swap it for the world. It wasn’t an easy journey for me becoming a Mum, I never once believed it would be a struggle but 3 miscarriages before Emmy was born and 2 before Harry came along and I entered this journey a little broken I don’t mind admitting. This is why I don’t like to complain about the hard days very often and am far too soft on the kids.

I’ve been tagged by my good friend Karen who blogs over at Really Missing Sleep to tell you all about my guilty pleasures – lets face it we all have some don’t we. Here are mine:

Who is your guilty pleasure musical artist?

I can’t help it but I do love bopping around to Ed Sheeran, I guess it helps that Emmy loves him too so I can pretend I have his music on for her, and Paul really hates his music which is another excuse to crank up the volume.

What is your guilty pleasure song?

Every Breath You Take by The Police – it was our first dance at our wedding and always makes me smile and sing along remembering our happy day.

Who is your guilty pleasure TV star?

I actually don’t have one, I very rarely have control of the TV remote and we watch so many shows that no one particularly stands out

What is your guilty pleasure TV show?

Call the Midwife, Emmy and I have started watching the new series together – she’ll watch anything to stay up late though.

Who is your guilty pleasure film actor/actress?

Jack Black – I’m pretty sure I’ve watched everything he has been in so far and the kids now love him too.

What is your guilty pleasure film?

Footloose or Hairspray – you can’t beat a bit of singing and dancing to get you in a good mood.

What is your guilty pleasure meal?

Steak and croquette potatoes with a diane or peppercorn sauce – or a Chinese takeaway if I’m not cooking

What is your mummy’s guilty pleasure snack?

Galaxy chocolate – by far my favourite chocolate

What is your guilty pleasures drink?

Prosecco or Gin & Tonic

What is your mummy’s guilty pleasures book or magazine?

I don’t read magazines but I do love a good thriller or weepy story line – as long as a book grips me from chapter 1 then I’ll have it finished within a few days. I do love becoming engrossed in a good book


I’m now taggng a few fellow blogging friends to join in but you are welcome to join in even if you’ve not been tagged – just remember to use the hashtag #mummysguiltypleasures so I can read your posts too.

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