Today, Mummy lost it

Today, Mummy lost it

Dear Emily and Harry, I hope you’re having a good day at school. You’ll be reading, painting a picture, wowing everyone with your number skills … In a few hours time, you’ll come running out of your classrooms with smiles and stories of your day. You won’t remember the chaos of the morning or theRead more

Empty threats we give our children

It can happen anywhere. In the home, on the school run, a friend’s home, in the middle of the supermarket … absolutely anywhere. And it happens to us all, usually out of desperation and a final resort attempt to restore peace (and sanity) to a situation. And it is often either immediately preceded or followedRead more

13 reasons why – after thoughts

13 reasons why

I recently wrote about how I was binge watching TV and about the shows I was currently watching on Netflix, well one of those shows has just finished and it’s left me feeling rather emotional to say the least. 13 Reasons Why? is a series which follows the life events leading up to a teenRead more

A little place away from the chaos

Hello there You’ll most likely have found this quiet little haven via my other blog, which was coincidently started 6 years ago this week. Something started as somewhere to share daily life with my young daughter with the plan to make into a printed book for her to read when she was older. Never inRead more