Decorating your bathroom on a budget

“Collaborative post” The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in our house and I am sure it’s the same in your household too, and as such, it takes much more of the brunt of daily wear and tear that comes with everyday life. Its also the one I find myself cleaning the most, afterRead more

Which Wood Floors are Hardest to Scratch?

When fitting a new floor into your home there are always things we want to know, such as: price, aesthetic and endurance.  The first two are pretty obvious and require no more action than Googling the product to see what it costs and looks like, but determining the durability of a wood floor can beRead more

Sweater, not heaters – the frugal guide to energy efficiency this winter

When winter comes, energy bills skyrocket.  Gas usage increases as heating works harder and stays on longer.  Similarly, lighting during the hours of darkness consumes more and more electricity as we find ourselves switching the lights on by 4.30pm around November time. Finding ways to improve energy efficiency around our homes can make a bigRead more