Empty threats we give our children

It can happen anywhere. In the home, on the school run, a friend’s home, in the middle of the supermarket … absolutely anywhere. And it happens to us all, usually out of desperation and a final resort attempt to restore peace (and sanity) to a situation. And it is often either immediately preceded or followedRead more

Making The Most Out Of Online Shopping

Online shopping can be addictive. It doesn’t matter what time of night you do it. Whether you are dressed up or in your pyjamas. Your computer or iPad don’t mind. It can be very convenient for someone who is a little time poor. It means you can still get access to clothes, food, electricals, prettyRead more

Tips to Help Kids Be More Creative

Being creative is an important trait for kids to develop. It helps them to express emotions and have more fun while playing – not to mention, it helps with their creative thinking processes.  Therefore, it’s crucial that you provide your child with the necessary means to be creative on a regular basis. If you were strugglingRead more

Outdoor Summer Days are best spent outdoors

Nowadays, it seems like all kids have a smartphone or tablet in their hands to keep them entertained for hours on end. Prior to these devices existing, kids would still get bored. However, the difference is that they’d find creative ways to have fun. This is an experience that all children should be involved in, especiallyRead more

Which Wood Floors are Hardest to Scratch?

When fitting a new floor into your home there are always things we want to know, such as: price, aesthetic and endurance.  The first two are pretty obvious and require no more action than Googling the product to see what it costs and looks like, but determining the durability of a wood floor can beRead more

Where do I work & dreaming of a home office

Where do I work

When I first started blogging, I would do it solely in the evenings when Emmy was asleep as she had a habit of grabbing the laptop, wildly pressing at buttons and one more than one occasion the laptop tumbled to the floor – thankfully bouncing instead of smashing but a lesson almost learnt the hardRead more

Kids Halloween Party Ideas

I was never really a fan of Halloween, mainly because it wasn’t something we did growing up. We weren’t into the whole trick or treating and I even remember my parents blacking out the door window with black bin bags when I was in my teens pretending not to be home when they came knockingRead more

Sweater, not heaters – the frugal guide to energy efficiency this winter

When winter comes, energy bills skyrocket.  Gas usage increases as heating works harder and stays on longer.  Similarly, lighting during the hours of darkness consumes more and more electricity as we find ourselves switching the lights on by 4.30pm around November time. Finding ways to improve energy efficiency around our homes can make a bigRead more